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If you are looking for a Canadian passport and drivers license, then you are at the right place.


Do You Require A Canadian Passport and Drivers License?

If you are looking for a Canadian passport and drivers license, then you are at the right place. Premium document production is the granted website where you get your original passports & driving license online. With restrictions, visa requirements increasing more and more day by day. You can be also need to buy a genuine visa card in order to move to a new country for new better life.

There are many document’s sellers are available online but you can’t trust on everybody. You have to be very clear and careful that how to escape from scammers. They will just take money and block you, because they are not a authorized agents so avoid them.

In terms of use, most of people have similar doubt about these forge documents that we can use it or not how to use and where we can use. These are very common question that everybody wants to know so let us clear you this important doubt. It’s completely depending on the quality, real and fake both are successfully used for travel. Buying a genuine identity card and inserting your own information and photo is the best way to buy a passport that you can use again and again without any problem.

All the required features are completely intact and native and ordinarily, only one page will need to be improved to permit you to travel on it. Again, modifying a card is no simple task and you will require a specialist complex to secure that any changes are undetectable.

Such documents are always more expensive as you have to pay for the original passport as well which will be almost impossible or difficult to obtain. You can get in touch with our experts.


Canadians living in Canada can relent their application at any identity Program center or any participating Canada Post vent or Service Canada Centre. They can also relent their application by regular mail or courier. Visit the Passport Program website for a total list of employ locations.


Include the under mentioned documents with your application form:
evidence of Canadian citizenship (original only)
a document to hold up your identity.
any rational Canadian passport or travel document (refugee travel document or proof of identity) issued in your present name or any other name of yours.


Relations of the Canadian Vital Statistics offices to obtain a copy of your birth certificate. Proof of Canadian citizenship for passport applications if you were born in Canada includes: Birth certificate issued by the time or territory of your birth.

Can a member of my family be a guarantor for Canadian passports?

You need a guarantor for travel document application. When they meet these requirements, you can make anyone a guarantor, as long as it includes your household member and any family member. You will not need any kind of guarantee if you renew your old card.

Who is considered a relative for Canadian document?

Family members incorporate: Your partner or common-law partner. Common law refers to two individuals, of contrary or of the same sex, who have been living together in a link resembling a marriage for at least one year, But they don’t have marriage certificate.

Do Canadian passports call your references?

Normally no, but in sure cases they will call. We had to gain an urgent (1 next day) renewal and they called our references. I would make certain the references are original. A family member was called as a context for a friend needing a hurry passport (as the family dog ate his document).

Do you need both parents signature for a Canadian passport?

How do I gain their signature for consent? Both parents are expected to join in the application activity for the issuance of a child’s passport. If one parent is living in another country, you do not require to have them hint the application form which will be submitted to us.

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