Apply For Valid Passports and Diplomatic Passports

Ways To Purchase Real And Fake Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Visa, Tourist Visa, Work Visa.


Ways To Purchase Real And Fake Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Visa, Tourist Visa, Work Visa.

Your passport is your key to not only travelling the world, but to showing your identity and where you’re coming from with pride. PASSPORTS BY APPLICATION can be a good alternative for people that find the process all too difficult and inconvenient. Just phone or email any one of our offices and we’ll come and meet you anywhere in the UK-USA. We make applying for permanent, regular and temporary passports simple and stress-free by providing a fast, affordable service with no hidden charges.

We help to get new valid passports and diplomatic passports issued by the United States. Founded in 2010, we specialize in helping international travelers who need a quick process of getting a new passport or renewing an old one. Premium document production becomes one of the most popular passport service providers in the industry for our diverse selection of high-quality and 100% guaranteed passports. We always emphasize on delivering excellence.


Your passport is one of the most valuable things you possess as an American citizen, and it’s your responsibility to keep your passport and all associated personal information private and secure. Our team provides travelers with a source for passports, which are forms of identification typically carried by people who are traveling outside of their homeland. These official travel documents typically look like small navy blue books. When applying for a passport it is important to make sure you have the documentation required by both your local government and the destination country or region you are traveling to.

We are based in the European Union, in Belgium. Our diplomatic passports are valid in 173 countries worldwide; their features can be summarized as these:

-SECURITY – All booklets are engraved to ensure absolute security and cannot be forged
-VERSATILITY – Our booklets can be used for different purposes…
-RENEWABILITY – They will always be renewed for $100 USD.

The most important thing you should know when applying for a passport is that today there are two ways to pass an application: in person or by mail. The first variant definitely guarantees your identity and such things as residential address and so on. However, when people apply by mail, they need to order a resident permit.

The services we offer for both passport and diplomatic passport are as follows:

*Application to get a new passport in 24 hours

*Application for new expedited passport

*Application for a second valid passport

*Renewal for an expired passport

*Replace lost or stolen passport

*Application for a child passport

*Passport name change

*U.S. passport card

*Passport gender change

The service we offer for Visa are as follows:

*Application to get a new Work Visa. In 24 hours

*Application for new expedited Ship crew or transit Visa.

*Renewal for an expired diplomatic Visa

*Replace lost or stolen Media and journalist Visa.

*Application for a Student Visa.

*Religious worker Visa name change

*U.S. Domestic employee Visa.

*Exchange visitor Visa gender change

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