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Our company guarantees you to buy any document such as passport, ID card (driving license, certificate of secondary education).


Our company guarantees you to buy any document such as passport, ID card (driving license, certificate of secondary education). Our company provides real and high quality documents for you. Documents we produce is guaranteed to be genuine and officials because we pay attention in processing and production to guarantee that all future customers feel safe in our products and services.

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–          Birth Certificate

–          SSN

–          SIN

–          Identity Card (I.D)

–          Driver’s License (DL)

–          Passport

–          Work Permit

–          Green Card

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Before you can get a birth certificate, the birth needs to be registered in Details of the person named on the certificate:

At a minimum, you’ll be asked for:

Given name

Family name

Date of birth

Place of birth

Name and date of birth of the mother

Name and date of birth of the second parent (if applicable).

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